People.  Its just a six letter word, but it seeks so much attention. Ever imagined yourself with no one around? Alone, living your life? Its scary for some and peaceful for others. But its very rare to have such situations in your life. Sometimes you need to thrive hard to get them. People and their behavior, its that one thing that keeps your life interesting, spicy, dull, boring and worth living. The best part about it is its unpredictability. Sometimes, people surprise you. And maybe that’s why life is full of surprises.

We come across a million people, in our lives, but how many of them actually touch our lives? How many of them would you want to remember for the rest of your life? How many of them are worth giving importance and attention to? How many of them are worth waiting for? How many of them are worth loving? How many of them still exist, without even knowing you? We would lose count, but you know what, its exciting to have people around you. Have you ever dissected them into categories?  People who are just friends, people whom you know since even you don’t know how many years, people whom you live with, people for whom you would do anything in the world even if they don’t care a shit about you, people who are worth loving and adoring, people you travel with who then become life companions, people you would never want to talk to, people who keep apologizing, people whom you recognize only through their faces, people who are long gone, people who are so different from you, people who are no more part of your life but you know they still exist, people you miss, people who use you for their work, people you dislike, people who are fun, people who are the reason you are happy every day, people you crush on, people you randomly flirt with, people you look up to, people who like you, people you are scared of, people you connect with,  people who complete your day, people you don’t care about, people who go unnoticed every day, people who are sympathized with, and people who you have never met. There might be more, but then they are just people.

Some of them affect your life, some of them make you change, some of them make you thank god for their existence. There’s a horde of people waiting for you out there, who you will judge when you know they exist. But judging cannot be bad always. Life is based on such human beings, every moment that we live, we live with such people. None of them are bad, their situations are. Often we lose our life’s happiness, when we lose the people we love, but when they are gone, we find new people. They might not have the same importance, but they do succeed in distracting you. Because life is to live on, and meet different human beings, life is so happy and fun, that when you fall in love with it, it makes you forget the ill things. Sometimes, people just define life.


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