This diary entry is specially dedicated to my brother, who lost his dearest friend in an accident, some months ago. To, by this, make him and myself secretly understand that life is to just move on, and never stop, until destiny interrupts.

Destiny has its own way of conveying things. Sometimes people assume destiny to be a singular God. But Destiny is intangible and disfigured. Destiny is not what we make, destiny is written. Destiny is a conclusion to every life project.

Like, you are destined to study what you are studying, you are destined to make the friends that you have, you are destined to cry over break ups and you are destined to be happy when you are.

We as children believed, that Death usually came for old people. But, is that so? Death is such a bitch, that it comes when it wants to. It comes and fucks everyone’s case. Even if you are the best person on this planet, even if you are successful, even if you are a good man, even if you are lovable. But when you are destined to die, you die.

But before death, there are a lot of other things that kill you. These are present inside that physical body of yours. They are your emotions, your expectations, your thinking and your depression.  Why do we behave as we do?

Are we trained to have expectations? No, they come when you love a person or a thing or a situation.
Is it bad to be emotional? No, the bad part is that we are not strong enough to handle it.
Do we just over think at times? No, sometimes we think about stuff that does not deserve importance.
Does depression suffice to get over things? No, the only thing that can get you over things is change.

There is so much in life, to write about, but why does sadness demand more importance? Even if destiny is written, life gives us a chance to do things we ought to do. To be happy when we can, to go up to that height and free fall, to love and unlove, to sleep and wake up, every other day. To fill those gaps, with whatever you want.

We live for tomorrows and there is always a tomorrow, if not for you then for someone else.

On a lighter note, stop taking life too seriously. Sometimes, being serious might just not help.


Here is a sketch of Rishabh made by my little brother just to tease him.


One thought on “Die another day

  1. Very nice but very landy its true so u should take d life as it comes b happy & enjoy d life. Becoz life is too shot.


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