Usually the end of something is scary. Scary because it might just get over and maybe never occur again. Obviously there are instances where the end is a mere fascination, or it may turn out to be so. But ends are what we wait for, what we anticipate, what we expect, and maybe what directs our process.

Have you ever come so close to an end that you fear losing everything? Sometimes we choose to be towards the end and sometimes we have to. When we choose to, it’s called living at the edge. Edge is simply defined as a line where the surface terminates. Terminates. Stops. Over. Every one of us knows how intimidating that is.

There are two ways from the edge; either you fall off or you run back. Sometimes it’s in our hands to decide and most of the times it is not. Now when you fall, you need to choose either to free fall or jump or just slip off the edge. Every choice here matters.

An edge in a relation is that last phase where maybe everything you wished for is coming to an end. You never know if that surface would ever grow again and not terminate. But we assume that maybe it never will. You are constantly aware that somewhere you are going to fall so hard that either it will be arduous to get up or yes just that. Unless you decide to free fall from all your worries and move towards a peaceful world.

It’s hard to take decisions and it is even harder to choose. Like would you ever choose pleasure over emotions? As random as it can get, emotions will push you towards the edge gradually, and pleasure, yeah pleasure might just be a long way to the decline. It obviously depends on a person’s perception of the above two, and yes the choice.

Now when one phase of your life is getting done, and you know the surface is terminating, and you have to jump on the next one sooner or later. Take a leap and not just a step. But that pain that strikes through your heart, of losing that phase, losing that time and moving on to change, is inevitable and irrevocable. You don’t know what you might experience, you are clueless about what approaches you and if you’ll ever be able to deal with it better and you are worried about who accompanies you till the end of this surface. But a certain element is that big sack of attachments and events you carry on your back all throughout till it falls off to give place to a new and empty sack.

Let the promises be where they have to, but no one is going to stick it up till your end. You have to live along on your own and therefore it is very important to confide in yourself. About your worries and your decisions. People around you are phases, a long phase, a very long phase or maybe a short one. An important one or a diminishing one. But to rely on these phases is foolishness. If the end scares you about losing phases then you are already being judgmental about your future.

Yes, I said no one is going to stick up to you till the end. If you want them as a permanent member of your sack, you need to stick up to them.

At the end, it’s always about what you want.

Do you perceive it as the edge or the beginning?

It's is necessary to jump from one edge to another.
It’s is necessary to jump from one edge to another.

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