Priorities. Aren’t they always prioritized? Do you prioritize your priorities? My friend once told me, I do. Can these be difficult to decide on? And if yes, can people have multiple priorities? We live to achieve our goals, only when the goal is our priority. The head of the department lives to put down her colleagues, because being at the top is her priority. A boyfriend spends his entire pocket money on his girl, because she is his priority. A young gentleman gives up his short term pleasures for work, because earning is his priority. Often priorities are mistaken for those things that give us happiness. Could priorities at times be misleading and forced? Yes, it is when we don’t choose them ourselves.

That perfect example of picking up a bag full of money on an empty road, when no one is looking; over ethics. We choose variables. It is difficult to ascertain the fact that you never know what you may choose in what situation under what circumstances in future.

A girl, when joined a degree college, prioritized academics, family and all those things that are presumed to be good, in life. But when she met new people, there were new acquaintances, new learning and then adaption. Now when she chooses to be outside, out of her house, in social gatherings and amongst people so different from her, she has not changed. Her inner coating still remains, her priorities still remain, only that she is bolder to look at things differently.

This is just a positive non-judgmental way of looking at it.

Yes, priorities change, because change is inevitable. People don’t change, situations do. And then there are situations when you are blamed for not prioritizing someone. Now, these circumstances arise only when the other person has pushed you to finally make the choice. Choice, that is what guides us to future. And that is what matters. Always.

Priorities often stay for long, because certain things that give you happiness stay, unless you find happier elements elsewhere.

Priorities are very selfish. It is the only thing that makes you do stuff for yourself. One cannot prioritize things for others sake, well not always. Sometime or the other, the wall will break. Sometime or the other, you will emerge happier. Sometime or the other you will emerge stronger. Sometime or the other, you will emerge as yourself.

The last aspect that can be highlighted is that Priorities create expectations. One cannot expect to be prioritized in return. If it happens, then often that is a favor. And if not, then life is beautiful.

Prioritize people; give them happiness, so what if they don’t return it back, at least one of you will be happy.


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