Some aspects in life cannot be controlled and often these aspects demand recognition. One’s soul however strong, attaches itself to situations that may or may not be of importance. Attachment is that phenomenon that leaves you bruised if it is not reciprocated. It is that only gesture that measures your affection towards someone or something.

A child might get attached to his pet. A doctor might get attached to his patient. A teacher might get attached to her student. A singer might get attached to his band members.

The funny part about attachment is that it is not only to tangible things but also to the intangible elements of life. A child might get attached to his pet’s cuddling. A doctor might get attached to his patient’s stories. A teacher might get attached to her student’s talking. A singer might get attached to his band’s songs. We attach ourselves not just to people but their practices, their habits, their affiliation towards our self.

Attachment occurs at every stage of life. And often attachment is cursed. When you are attached to someone, you build up expectations and when you build up expectations, you cry over them. It’s a vicious circle. Once you get trapped in it, you are trapped in it forever. But attachment is worth taking a risk for. One cannot curtail the power of attachments but one can surely adapt himself to its consequences.
For instance, Sara knows she is attached to Aman, and her attachment drives her towards him, but she also knows Aman is unwell and someday she has to let him go. Some day she has to loosen that thread of attachment and emerge stronger. Someday she has to live on only her memories of him.

Attachment can be molded, if you are strong enough to do that. Attachment is giving oneself happiness with the existence of other substances. When other people make you happy, it is because you are attached to them. Attachment is invulnerable when it is to one’s own self. It makes you strong to achieve your goals and to fulfill your dreams.

Life is about taking risks. If you don’t commit mistakes, what else would make you learn? What else will make you a better living being? Every coin has two sides, and attachment is just an inevitable side of a coin. If it can leave you bruised it can also strengthen your inner self.

One cannot avoid attachment; one has to just learn not to give in to its demands.


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