As I sit in front of my desk which is currently covered with huge books that leave no space for even dirt to persist, there is something that travelled to my mind, encouraging me to pen it down before it dissapears. Life right now is slightly different than what it was some months back. There is so much dedication to be given to books and so much more to new people. People have always surprised me and I am lucky to experience the darker side too. Why lucky? Lucky because I believe there is something about bad that makes the good shine brighter. It is only through falling down that you emerge stronger.

How everyday right now is only about waking up early and solving problems other than just those that exist in life, like maths is my new buddy. How staying at home doesn’t feel depressing any more, it feels comforting. It is like a mandatory element to success at the moment. How silence prevails in every corner of my room, and how study breaks are simply having coffee and admiring the sky.

There are two best phases that hit me at the right moment, intersecting each other in such a way that they are no more just tangents to this circle of life. They are its center, and how each one of them draws a radius to the heart. It is funny how maths can solve philosophical equations too.

Sometimes there are these dirty pebbles in the sea that make it look black, but it is only when they sink that the sea appears fresher. Life creates so many metaphors that go unnoticed. It is impossible to pick up each one of them, because each one of them solves our clouds of complications and life cannot be that easy.

It is only through the distance one realizes the turns and curves that hindered the way. And it is a beauty how those curves produced straight long roads. Straight long roads that promise to intersect at the right junction. We often worry about how these curves might reappear to lead us the wrong way. But worry is just a habitual phenomena that ignores our strength. And this strength is enduring.

There are going to be so many events that will come our way, and I believe they will always have a surprise element.

Because in the end, life is a long road to go, and the beauty of roads are it’s twists and turns.


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