Standing at point, looking far away from a mountain top, you would never know where you would be some years later. Often amidst all our fears and expectations, we take up challenges that rise much above our versions of success. That make us so consumed and absorbed within itself. And still we take up challenges. And I believe it’s a beauty!

The grass on the other side is always greener. And that is what we want, we want better and better everyday. Better than what we have and better than what we had. I believe the amount of risks taken defines your path to the destination. Because risks can never be futile, risks have the power to push you into something that is right outside your comfort zone. That is needed, that amount of push to an organism is a must. Like it is easier to write about philosophy and life and deeper feelings but a risk would be to write about humour and publish it. Where humour is not often written about.

After every challenge we take and not succeed, because there cannot be a bright side always, there is another path that exigently forms to lead us somewhere we are meant to be. A challenge takes you closer to what you want to be. Someone rightly said, “It shouldn’t be taken as a mountain to be climbed, but it should be taken as a door to be passed”

So what if we face failure, what if we don’t achieve what we thought we could? There is always an other side and there will always be grass.

Falling slowly is a process that leaves its impact when occurred at the beginning than the end.

I believe one would always have time to point their sinking boats home, raise their hopeful voice and make a choice.


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