It is a well known fact that failure is not a tangible element that can be measured. Failure is an extended form of a feeling that exists in the mind. What do you mean by fail?

By far failure denotes anything that is of negative connotation. We often want success but failure has its own charm. Failure is a rugged piece of cloth that will make you want a cosy blanket on a cold and frosty night.But would you have realized the desire for a blanket in the absence of that cloth?


You are not lucky if you achieve success in every endeavour but you are lucky enough if one of those endeavours gives you a bitter taste of failure. Because till you don’t fall hard to the ground, you wont dream of flying up in the sky. And no, falling down does not deserve importance but what you do after falling down is essential. Do you sit on the ground waiting for some help or do you step up and walk again?

Like broken glasses, dreams also get shattered, they spoil your floor and hurt you when you walk over them, but after some time, you’d get another glass and forget about it. That is why it is quintessential to dream bigger and find happiness in your desires irrespective of them being fulfilled. Like when you start a race, you might be able to see its end, but while looking at its end what you might miss out is the journey.

That is why,

Let courage envelope your heart,                                                                                   For the heart is delicate.                                                                                                   And desire grasp your mind,                                                                                            For the mind is courageous.

Let dreams get bigger till they fill your mind with desires, and that courage will make you work harder on transforming them into reality. Because success or failure is not here to stay, they will fade away right after. What stays here is that bubble of hope around you.



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