It’s just been two days since I took this tiny bit step of joining My father’s office, but it feels like some days have already passed and some tasks already done, because they have been stationary in my mind. With a scary future, anticipated rewards and a little ray of hope, my trembling feet stepped out of my house on a Tuesday Morning.

In an era, where graduation is not the end but the beginning of a whole set of ventures, I believe staying uptight and consistent should be the long term goal.

How wrong are we to believe that we understand the world, the universe? We don’t. As and when we climb one step up the ladder, we realize that the universe is endless. It is unfathomable. There is plenty of room for mistakes and failures; Plenty of room for descent and decline. And while we keep wondering where our future takes us, we do not realize that the apprehensive thoughts in our present are the guiding light.

After losing an entire year full of junk and breathing out the dirty air, I have come to realize that maybe Plan A was not suitable enough, and therefore there are plenty more plans that will be made. And however hollow the society sounds, things will work out in our favor some day. There will be a sunrise that we will cherish and a sunset we will not crave.Because maybe mundane life is boring, an expected life is mundane and therefore to rise above failures is essential.

To everyday hopes and desires, and everyday setbacks and failures, may this all be worth someday.




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