While the sun shows off its best side today, there is something that makes me skip philosophy for this article.
Brands. Everyday that we travel, we are surrounded by these shapeless and intangible human figures telling us to step ahead and remove the money. Life is dull and boring without brands, isn’t it? The one we use everyday out of habit, or the one that we cherish, or the one that we hate or the one that goes unnoticed. There is a big huge role that these play in our lifes, but we fail to realize it.
Tomorrow if your favourite toothpaste is over, wouldn’t you think twice to switch to another one?
And if you would then why?
Because we don’t even know how these brands are our habits. And habits dont change easily.
Every other day there are new brands who are waiting to be part of our habits. Some succeed while others rot.
Before social media apps even existed, weren’t we habitual to writing mail posts to our loved ones? But look, how these apps were accepted and adopted.
That’s what marketing today means. To any other non-marketeer it may seem a word that is deceiving and unexplainable but actually it’s just a process that we live with everyday. It is not a specific study or a chapter, it is a dynamic and welcoming phase.

Every billboard that we see, or the ad that keeps interrupting or the colorful images newspapers are filled with, all of these are not just ways to earn money, they are ideas that make habits more acceptable. They are new ways to change the lifestyle and be prone to such a change. They are newer forms of consumption. Consumption that is not specific but mass oriented.

How much ever we curse ads, we can’t deny that we need them. We need them to feel excited, we need them to deviate us from the monotony, we need them to develop tastes and we need them to teach us habits.

Marketing is not just another term in the dictionary, it is this big cycle that has the power to woo every individual.
To every individual who dreams of becoming a brand or part of a brand, there is yet so much to do till we reach to our perfect consumer and woo them and believe me the process is nothing less than captivating.


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