Sometimes, you need to keep doing things to stay in touch with them. Maybe that is why this article, to rekindle my love for writing.
Though you manage yourself everyday, there are very few times when you actually sit back
and be with yourself.
We move around the world, claiming that we know our friends so well, we know our close ones so well but what about knowing your own self? I know usually its just a
melodramatic scenario that we don’t want to be a part of, and most of the times it is not that important. But what we forget in all the hassle is, the only solution
to every problem is our us.
It is the key to the golden lock, and the door to every success story.
Though obviously we cannot just sit and think, but what we need to learn is to manage our own self.
When the big cloud of uncertainty hovers above our heads, we need to find ourselves out into the clear sky.
The heart breaks we have, the long demotivation phase, the failure, the remorse, in everything we suffer, there is only one person who sticks by. Not your bestfriend, your guy, your parents, your family, no one. It is just you. Because at the end of the day, we need to learn to live with ourselves.
We don’t know how our tomorrow will be, though we have the ability to plan and choose, but we still don’t get to win against destiny. But what we need to know is how we could survive our tomorrow. What we need to realize is that life is just one, against all those people who blabber there are seven or more, no, it is just one. And we get only one huge chance to make it big. To fight everything and win. And if we fail to take control of our mind, our soul and the fight within ourselves, we won’t stand a chance to win.
All that strength and confidence, lays right in there. In every relation, every downfall, it is neither the situation, nor the other person, it is you.
One can only love selflessly, when one is strong enough to break all bounds. It is this type of love that is needed. The day we accept ourselves, naked and raw, we’ll be content enough to distribute our love.
Do those small things that keep you happy, even if they are meaningless to others, create a beautiful life for yourself even though it is through creating a life for others; take risks, rise above, scream and dance, because the only way to love life is to love yourself.

4 thoughts on “That light within

    1. An eye opener after so many responsibilities n other daily chores actually we forget to think for ourselves. .glad that at such young heart u r thinking so very practical. .me completely faltered bhaviks. .proud of u girl


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