Advertising as we say it, is the science of arresting human intelligence long enough. Though there are different forms of advertising, namely TV, PRINT, DIGITAL, AMBIENT there is one but influential part that cannot be missed, OUTDOOR.

Out of all these different ways of advertising why do we love Outdoor the most? Here are 7 reasons to make you fall in love with this type of advertising:

1)Inexpensive: While all forms of advertising calculate costs on the number of people covered and  the space required, Outdoor advertising is one such form that gives you a huge view of a billboard at a comparable price. Though some argue that digital is the cheapest, but again for digital –

a)one has to surf the internet

b) It increases with more number of people viewing it.Google Adwords encourages highest bids on specific keywords, which are not very cheap.

giphyMovement advertising

2)You cannot miss it!: Whether it is a Huge billboard on your drive way, or a entire bus calling out for a brand, or a train running with your brand’s logo, outdoor advertising is one such medium that cannot be missed. When you travel by, it gotta catch your attention. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your your Brand seen from a huge highway, well outdoor advertising gives you that opportunity so that your brand is not missed.


3)Maximum diverse eyeballs: Outdoor advertising by far catches the most diverse crowd seeing your ad. One cannot determine what kind of people pass by a road, for one reason because maybe all kinds of people pass by it. Millennial, Generation X, Cricket lovers, Fashionistas, Movie lovers and so on. If your brand attracts even one category out of these, it is a win-win.


4)It can be Digitally Integrated: Outdoor advertising is one such medium that can be integrated with another form of advertising. Though it is difficult to integrate Outdoor and Print, or Outdoor and TV, Outdoor can be integrated well with the newest form of advertising. With digital Billboard to location based targeting, Outdoor advertising has a long way to go.


5)Exciting: Here is something you might have never realised before but yes, Outdoor advertising is exciting. See your ad on TV, see it In a newspaper, See it on Facebook, But seeing your ad out there on the street with millions of other people and in the midst of cars, is a feeling of pride that cannot be described.


6)Oldest: Advertising started off with writing messages on the wall and rocks, what form was it? Outdoor! Yes Outdoor advertising is the oldest form of advertising, and we cannot deny the fact that no matter how much we progress, our old patterns always form a firm base. Outdoor advertising was started off as the most convenient form of advertising and no doubt it still is.


7)Innovative: Outdoor advertising has grown to be one of the most innovative form of advertising. From a woman standing on a billboard to an actual moving bell on it, from a fish bowl attached to the billboard to a bottle filling ketchup , outdoor advertising has proven to be innovative yet extravagant. Invest in outdoor and it will keep you awed forever.


Even though there have been conditions and bans on outdoor advertising, this one is here to stay. There is no doubt that outdoor advertising is worth every penny!


2 thoughts on “7 reasons why we love Outdoor Advertising(And you should, Too!)

  1. Oh wow very different experience reading an informative topic from your blog collection ..liked the way u have used those Gif files to explain what u wan to express….

    Yeah agree with u on outdoor advertising.It still has the same char m and we can also see that it is getting much more creative than what it was years ago ..

    Way to go..
    Awaiting ur next read and all the best for ur new craze of writing blogs..


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