‘Your Life Calling’ is the first thing in my career actually invented. It is my entrepreneurial debut.
It has made me believe that Every bad phase in career demands an outburst. Outburst not of anger and frustration, outburst of thoughts, views and opinions.

It is essential to talk to oneself, to talk about what we think but also not let it turn to overthinking.

There are so many questions we ask ourself and only few of them are answered.

Like questions when you graduate. When you are out of college and into that bad world, you have the liberty and fear to structure your life in a way.

Would you wait or speed up?

Wait for things to happen, take a decision, and then just wait for the results to appear. But too much waiting no human could do, because we have that fear that what if it doesn’t happen? And to avoid that something needs to be done.

Or you would speed up? Keep doing things if not one then other if not other then maybe something else, but just keep doing.

Maybe that way you’ll end up somewhere.

But then again there is this constant thought of wasting our lives doing the wrong thing. That fear of the time ticking.

Amidst all this, there is again a plethora of wrong decisions we would take. Maybe not entirely wrong but when we are in that race, if it doesn’t work out it seems wrong.

This small brain of ours has the capability to never stop thinking. It never stops and maybe that’s why it finds answers to all it’s questions.

Maybe there is no specific way of living life because life is an activity that is entirely subjective. It cannot be compared, it cannot be weighed. And that is why patience or speeding up, doesn’t matter till it helps you reach your goal.

Maybe life as an activity produces no wastage, everything that happens has an effect of how we turn out to be. Maybe the best way of utilising time is to keep doing whether right or wrong, because that is how we would learn. Though one should not ideally settle but one should not always be choosy too. Sometimes when we think a lot, we lose opportunities that wouldn’t strike again.

In every phase of life, our brain comes up with a plethora of questions and slowly as we live life we would the answer.


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