This heart is a massive place,

struggling to fit people in every phase.

Sometimes they leave immediately after,

but some remain for sadness and laughter.

And some might tear open all your insecurities,

the phases with people and make you doubt your abilities.

Because though it is not happening to you right now,

but such a thing could hit your people, why and how?

We believe phases, bad times always come to an end,

but what if they are frequent occurring you cannot mend?

What if you believe that what happens to people happens to us,

and what if frequent heart breaks is a must.

What if life’s roller coaster only has steep slopes,

and what if amidst all tragedies there are no hopes?

We live in these what ifs, made up of fear,

made up of shattered dreams no one to hear.

We live in a space affecting our inner self,

and where when needed there might be no one to help.

But amidst all these spaces and phases and steep slopes,

only a stronger self could find a ray of hopes.

A hope that leads the way to the end,

that makes us believe that we are stronger than we pretend.

That our courage won’t let this happen to us,

because we have love, which is a must.

To happier things and only those,

every thorn gives way to a rose.


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