Since the beginning, we have been taught certain ways of getting to success. Sometimes I believe these misconceived definitions of success and failure drive us astray.

And somehow, these phases sound objective when they are not. There is no extent to success and failure, and there is neither a defined way to achieve it. What we are not taught is its subjectivity.


For an engineer success is a high paid job but for a photographer success is a good location to shoot. See how different people have different meanings of success.


Oxford dictionary defines Success as “An accomplishment of an aim or a purpose”.

But what is so great about it that everyone around us is trying to achieve it? Is it the happiness, or the satisfaction or the money?


If your cousin owns a car at the age of 24, it does not mean that he’s successful enough or that you need to follow his path to earn that money. No.

Success in life should not be comparable because it is not a race against other humans. It should not be a way of measuring who and loaded with money and who is not.


When we look back and notice all the learnings in our life we will realise that unknowingly we were all taught to achieve materialistic rewards. Money, house, car and all of these when bought, should bring satisfaction. But what if it does not?


What if a car does not give you happiness? What if even after having a fancy house and all the luxuries you are not happy?

Does anyone wish to resolve such a scenario? No.

We regard such a person as greedy. That this person has everything in life still is not satisfied, or happy.


Material possessions should not define success. We should rather inculcate different ways of living this life by intangible emotions. By aiming to be happy and satisfied and excited and at peace. To have that adrenaline rush that could keep us going and to be open to whatever comes our way.


There is no rule that defines how to live your life because everyone does not have the same set of events in life.

And even if they do, everyone is not the same.


We need to stop creating such rules for ourselves, rather just live to achieve what makes us happy. To aim not at success but at satisfaction.


And when we would learn to live our lives that well, we would truly be Successful.


2 thoughts on “How to be Successful?

  1. Well defined the meaning of success. .truly said..For most of them success is a conperative term …giving an eg would help but following that persons footsteps wouldn’t as success comes with passion for ur work…The more passionate and commited you are, success is bound to follow..
    Also would like to add Success should not be only termed with money or fame it’s also inner peace…The more peaceful you are within the more happiness you are likely to spread and also achieve success too as no negative thought is bothering you..wishing success to everyone. .All the best

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