Its true that our achievements are all the outcome of our mind. Our body achieves what the mind believes. Our mind is a dangerous master, driving our actions like the almighty. It has an identity of its own, and most of the times its power goes unnoticed.

Our mind produces thoughts in bulk, driving every body part of ours. The thoughts could shape our future, could bring us out of sadness, could uplift our souls, could relieve our stress, could bring out our love, could build our relation and much more. The happy thoughts are a part of everyones mind, but there are plenty of other troubled thoughts that are uncontrollable.

It is only the depth of the mind that will make us think about the negatives, about the guilt, about making up situations before they could even exist, about the bad dreams coming true, about the worst circumstances, about the break ups, about the precautions, about death. And because these don’t appear to everyone, it is difficult to understand the over thinkers.

Over-thinkers always want to win over the mind, but they are never able to. They experience self-agony and destruction within themselves, and none of it is explainable. They want to stay calm and peaceful, but it is impossible to be so. They take blames for creating unnecessary troubles in life, but none of it is possible to prevent.

An over thinker will envelope herself in guilt but still not be able to protect herself from it. An over thinker might feel guilty for actions that are even thought of. An over thinker might blame herself for others’ mistakes. An over thinker might evaluate every situation of life before, while and after it takes place. For an over thinker, a dream is more than a dream.A dream is a reality that is coming soon. For an over thinker, love is not a feeling, love is an experience that has implications. For an over thinker, work is not just a way of earning money, work is a whole lot of dedication and enthusiasm. The simplest thing like food, has the ability to make an over thinker lose her patience.

And by the above, I don’t mean to say that an over thinker is vulnerable. No. An over thinker is able to create a world of her own, an over thinker is able to see the depth of everything. The world might make fun of such a person, but it is only she who feels the deepest of feelings with thinking.

So, an over thinking mind might not always be bad. An over thinking mind might make you believe more, trust more, and feel more. It is nothing but luck to have a powerful mind, to be drive your life by nothing but thoughts.

Leave your mind for a little while and let it amaze you.


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