The New girl 

It's just the second day and I am already falling for this place. This place I can now call my office. Hiding from all the views behind my small but content desk, I plan to evolve from just being the new girl. Everything here is so different from what was before, new people,new decorations, more … Continue reading The New girl 


That light within

Sometimes, you need to keep doing things to stay in touch with them. Maybe that is why this article, to rekindle my love for writing. Though you manage yourself everyday, there are very few times when you actually sit back and be with yourself. We move around the world, claiming that we know our friends so … Continue reading That light within


People.  Its just a six letter word, but it seeks so much attention. Ever imagined yourself with no one around? Alone, living your life? Its scary for some and peaceful for others. But its very rare to have such situations in your life. Sometimes you need to thrive hard to get them. People and their … Continue reading People